How to Improve a Site’s Rankings

Google’s search engine employs a variety of techniques to determine top ranking pages on search engine pages results. And with the periodical changes in algorithms, it is difficult for sites to identify the exact formula. Search rankings are essential performance tools for both SEM digital marketers and SEO firms in London. Sticking to Google’s continued nudges makes a difference in the long-run. While search engine optimisation agencies provide a range of services, their primary goal is to improve a site’s ranking. Here’s how they do it.

Improve Page Loading Speed

Users want quick access sites, and that’s only possible by creating faster loading pages, which not only improve the user’s experience but also boost traffic and retention. Every one second delay in page load reduces the user’s experience by 16%, conversion rates by 7% and page views by 11%. Here are several ways to improve a site’s loading speed:

• Optimising images via proper format selection, sizing and using fewer images
• Optimising CSS code delivery
• Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript
• Using fewer plugins

Link Building

The technique is a little dated but remains an effective way of improving search results. An inbound or backlink is a link from another site to your site. The more relevant and influential links refer to your site the higher the site ranks in SERPs. Today building backlinks is the most efficient way of improving organic rankings. An SEO agency can no longer rely on a manipulative directory to submit link building strategies since it has to look for new opportunities within a network, perform extensive content research and provide brand recognition content. Keep in mind that a search engine company like Google now imposes penalties on sites that seem to obtain backlinks unnaturally.

Optimise for Long Keyword Phrases

New websites in the UK have a difficult time competing for top keywords, thus the need to optimise for long keyword phrases. Various tools come in handy to help identify keywords that work best to drive traffic to your site. Be sure to use the keywords on the appropriate pages i.e. where your site clearly communicates your service or product.